Total Immersion Swim Blog Day 3

Here were my drills for today:


2 lengths – Buoyancy on back

2 lengths – Chocolate side

2 lengths – Vanilla side

2 lengths – skating between chocolate and vanilla

6 lengths – Skating with arm outstretched chocolate side

6 lengths – Skating with arm outstretched vanilla side

8 Lengths – Drill 4 chocolate side

8 lengths – Drill 4 vanilla side

2 lengths – Drill 4, 1 choc, 1 vanilla


The new addition today was drill 4. Continuing from the position in drill 3, the idea is to roll  effortlessly from the skating position to traveling face down in the water. Breathing in when traveling on my side and then out when rolling to put my face in the water. Easier said than done. I found that when starting to turn my hips immediately sank and I couldn’t stay buoyant. The rest of the session was spent trying to keep buoyancy. Interestingly, when I switched to my vanilla or bad side, it was much easier. Probably because I am not having to unlearn bad habits. I even found myself traveling in what Terry calls the sweet spot! When I went back to practice my chocolate side at the end of the session I had improved again. It was very encouraging.

I’m way off being perfect and am still swallowing a lot of water but I feel my body position is becoming more stable and effortless. I am also getting more skillful at making adjustments. As a personal trainer, what I found most interesting for me today was how exciting and rewarding I am finding it to refine a skill rather than just bash out the lengths. A life lesson for myself and my clients! I’ve left the pool and can’t wait to get back in it again tomorrow rather than thinking about the hassle of it all. Exciting! Also, I overtook a pensioner in the lane next to me today!

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