Total Immersion Swim Blog Day 4

I was itching to get back in the pool after yesterday and even brought my fins to allow me to work more on my body position. However, upon entering the pool the lifeguard told me that fins were contraband in Pools on the park. Apparently ‘they cut people’s faces up and stuff’. I was just going to have to try to hone my body position naturally.

I followed a similar format to yesterday but was going to add drill 5and 6 at the end. All went well and when I got to the skating drill (3), I felt I had it and really felt speed and the effortlessness that Terry talks about. Even the traveling downhill sensation. It was tricky to hold but felt so good when I had it. Really addictive too! I was also keeping pace with the other swimmers today.

Once I had felt the skating feeling on both chocolate and vanilla side,(much more difficult to master on my vanilla side) I started drill 4 which was turning my head to the bottom of the pool. This was easier than yesterday. I didn’t manage the skating position but my rolling had certainly improved.

Drill 5 involved sneaking my resting hand up to underneath my face and then rolling back to the same side. This was pretty easy to get the hang of.

Drill 6 added to drill 5 by extending the hand below your face to extend past your lead arm. This causes your body to flip to the sweet spot on the other side. The idea is that this flip causes power and propulsion for your stroke. I felt this almost immediately but it’s pretty technical and there are a lot of refinements that Terry specifies in the book. They were too much for me to take in on reading it for the first time but I’ll read them before my next session and instigate them then.

At the end of the session, I had a feeling similar to that when I go surfing.  I just wanted to swim one more length to see if I could improve. (‘Just one more wave’ is normally my catchphrase when surfing.) What is making this training so great is the swimming is no longer something I have to force myself to do. I want to learn and get that smooth feeling. The practice of attaining it is keeping me fit and the challenge keeps me progressing. This is when exercise becomes a joy and you can become fit effortlessly. Once again, I can’t wait to get back in the pool!

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