Total Immersion swim blog day 7, 8 & 9

The last few days I have been in pools on the park and trying to get into drill 6. Terry says that I should be spending about 7 hours practicing drills 6,7 & 8 before moving on. What Terry says, I do.

On day 6 I felt the benefits of having been in the pool with the fins the day before and my body instantly got into the skating position. I am still finding it difficult to find it in drill 4 with my head submerged and looking at the bottom but it’s getting better. Drill 5 and 6 have been tricky and I’ve found that my hips have been sinking and I’ve been swallowing a lot of water. In order to counteract this I’ve been focusing on pushing down on my natural buoy and it works. My hips don’t sink and my head stays out of the water when I roll back to the sweet spot. It requires a lot of concentration though.

I’ve started timing my lengths too and whilst I’m not fast, I can really notice when I hit the sweet spot. The pool is 33m and a good length is taking me 58 seconds, which I can do on both chocolate and vanilla. If I’m not on my game and out of position, it’ll take about 10 seconds more. I’m still really looking forward to my sessions but yet to feel the propulsive power from my hips in drill 6. I’m eager to try it with fins in the pool on Monday as that seemed to help a lot this week.

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