Success Stories

I have been training with Paul for over 18 months now; it has dramatically changed my life. It is difficult to fully describe how highly I rate Paul both professionally and personally. To date, I have lost 24kg and still going strong. The achievement so far is a testament to Paul’s approach to health and fitness. His techniques used are especially unique and tailored to his clients individually.
His Sport Spots training system has massively assisted and improved my range of movement and flexibility. This is very important as you want to be at your peak when training so that you can push yourself to the limits. Having developed my fitness levels, I have began to take part in regular 10km runs. To avoid injury and maximise power and strength the regular Sport Spots sessions have been paramount. This system needs to be a part of your training programme; it will make you stronger and allow you to reach your potential.

– Laura, Operations Manager

What I wanted: A trainer that wasn’t going to bully me or make me feel inadequate about being over 40, on the fat side and not as fit as I was when I was 20.
What I got: A life enhancing education that I didn’t know I needed.
What I didn’t know I didn’t know: That I had been exercising ineffectively and inefficiently for years. Exercising with focused intention on specific muscle groups makes things happen really quickly. By looking at what, when and how much I ate, I became aware of habits that I had been blissfully unaware of. With an understandable education of what and when to eat, body fat falls off, muscle builds and energy levels start climbing.
Where I’m at now: Able to maintain fitness and weight with the knowledge, information and techniques I’ve been given. Enjoying a fitness and vitality that I’m not sure I had even when I was 20. The proud owner of a brand new wardrobe.

Tim, Surgeon

I have been training with Paul for 9 moths now with the aim of improving my fitness and losing weight. To date, I have lost the best part of 40kg and am the fittest I have been in the past 12 years. I have been able to complete the London to Cambridge bike ride along with the larger undertaking of London to Exeter. Paul has enough motivation for both of us even when I don’t have my mind in the game. His training cover not only workouts but dietary changes that are sustainable. The last 9 months have changed not only how others see me but how I see myself. Paul has been there every step of the way.Thanks!!


Paul is one of the most positive people I have ever met. His energy friendly manner and expertise make every training session a pleasure. He re-energises my week and sets me back on track during each session, is never judgemental but kind and understanding, whilst at the same time driving me hard. I can honestly say that I look forward to each session. His enthusiasm for training (and for life!) is hugely motivating.
We have been training together for 18 months with a focus on increasing muscle strength and enhancing my core stability to help with my rowing and swimming and also to improve my posture. I am lifting weights now that I never thought possible, but I get much more than this from Paul. He helps me to think though my goals, both exercise and nutrition and challenges me to make changes. I feel very fortunate to train with Paul and wholeheartedly recommend him as a Personal Trainer.

– Clare

When I first met Paul, I had been running for 15 years, going to the gym regularly and had done endless sessions of pilates. It gave me the weight results that I wanted, but not the toned look nor had it helped my painful hip that I had imposed upon myself after years of running on tarmac. I was in so much agony, I had to give up my addiction, running. Paul took the time to understand my problems,my targets and my personality and then based upon that information, devised an individual ‘plan of action’ for me. He got me fitter, better toned but the best thing of all, with his new qualifications, he has now enabled me to run again.

Punita, Teacher

I am in a wheelchair as a result of MS and the resulting severe muscle spasms. I have had many personal trainers over the years but Paul is by far and way the best. Sessions are always fun and challenging. Whilst he can be a tyrannical in his methods, I know he cares about me and my results. From our sessions together, I have gained far more than just increasing my fitness. Paul has helped encourage me in my business life and have now started my own successful venture. I know we will be working together in the future.

Fiona, Software Sales and Internet Entrepreneur

I’m not what you might call the ideal customer for a personal trainer. Years of bad eating and drinking habits are now ingrained in me and I seem to treasure and nurture them like a Faberge egg. So, having inflicted myself on Paul Huntingford over the past couple of years I’d expected he’d have given up by now, but he seems to have reserves of patience and goodwill that could test a priest. Exercise sessions are great with Paul and he’s very been great at working out how to get the best out of me. I can’t say I dropped five trouser sizes because my wining and dining lifestyle is too resistant but I’m certainly a hell of a lot fitter and a good 8 – 10kgs lighter than when I started which for me is a pretty good result.

Paul never tires of talking me through my diet and pointing out where it’s going wrong and little by little it’s sinking in. I’m delighted with Paul and would happily suggest that any other stubborn mules out there put themselves in Paul’s patient hands.

Tim, Mobile Sales

When I first started with Paul, I didn’t like exercise and didn’t feel comfortable doing it but knew it was something that I ‘had’ to do. I knew about nutrition but not about exercise. Paul’s coaching inspired me and know I’m an exercise convert! Running is now a pleasure. There is something I never thought I would say! I put it down to Paul’s training and his Sports Spots technique. I can’t recommend Paul and his training style highly enough. If you’re after a one off session to hone your skills or continual training, he’ll exceed your expectations.

Faye, Systems & Software Development Director

Choosing a personal trainer is a difficult decision – it is important to find someone that relates to you but can push you at the same time. This is where Paul Huntingford truly stands out – his multiple personality disorder means that he can offer posh English trainer to one client, mad Scotsman to another or a wide variety of impressions to suit your personal taste. If you are very lucky, you may get to meet several Paul’s in one session…

Kaz, Surgeon

Never in my wildest dreams would I have ever thought I could fit in to a size 10 again. Training with Paul Huntingford has been a complete joy and education. He is always motivating and encouraging in his kind, friendly manner.
No matter what your goal in life is, whether it is to lose weight or feel fitter, then I would definitely recommend Paul Huntingford’s personal training. He is awesome!

Theeba, Air Cabin Crew

I was referred to Paul by local physiotherapist Nathan Carter, who is also excellent by the way! Nathan advised I see Paul to help me with my posture and get me more mobilised. I’m not as young as I once was and have never been the ‘sporty’ type. After a few operations, the thought of going to a gym was quite a daunting prospect. I have now been training with Paul for the best part of a year and I could not do without my sessions. A session with Paul leaves me motivated and energised with a wonderful sense of achievement. He likes to plan and prepare which can get rather irritating for a free spirit like myself. His sessions are wonderful, I now enjoy going to the gym and love him to bits!


Paul was recommended to us by a friend who had also trained with Paul. Max and I were trying to get into better shape, as the prospect of wedding photos loomed over us. We had already lost some weight through running but were struggling to tone up or maintain our motivation on the final 6 month approach to our wedding. Paul bravely agreed to take us both on, with joint sessions. It worked fantastically! Paul quickly learned of our competitive nature and set us challenges to beat one another’s times and number of reps – which worked a treat! Paul is definitely not your sergeant major type, so this is not the place if you like to be yelled at! What you get instead is an understanding and tailored approach with lots of fun and laughter along the way. As a bride-to-be, with a fear of looking huge in a white dress, I managed to lose 5 stone and drop 4 dress sizes with Paul’s help. Max and I are now happily married and yet we plan to continue working with Paul, as unbelievably for two exercise-phobes, we had so much fun in our sessions with Paul we can’t bear to give it up! Thank you, Paul, for helping us get the wedding photos we always wanted and for being a great friend and support to us in all the build up!

Jane & Max – Newly weds!

Paul’s main strengths are that he pushes me a little bit further each session, but never enough to aggravate old injuries; indeed my back is now so much stronger it does not hurt. He is calm, extremely well organised, kind but firm. After only a couple of months I am bendier and fitter than I’ve been for twenty years. I now enjoy the process of exercising at home, when I always disliked going to the gym. There is a thoroughly energetic aerobic segment to each session which does not require exercise machines or involve jogging.

In addition, Paul’s own bounding good health helps to inspire one to keep eating sensibly and live more actively. The sessions with him are an entirely positive experience.

– Carol

I have achieved greater improvements to my fitness in one month with Paul than from a whole year of  going to the gym! Apart from greater levels of overall fitness I have seen noticeable changes to my posture (I now have one). As a consequence it is reducing/ameliorating my tension headaches and migraines. Paul’s skill as a trainer and his encouraging approach mean that I actually look forward to our sessions – something I never believed I would ever actually say.

– Paul